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Dress Your Body! Not Your Size

Posted: Oct 09 2014

Many are times when I see fashionistas forcing there body to fit into the "imagination" of what they think their body should be able to fit into. For instance, a woman who is a size 14 but desperately wishes she was a size 12 and therefore only buys size 12 dresses. You might think there is nothing wrong with this in as much as she is working towards achieving that goal, and that I agree with you... but here in lies the problem... except such article of clothing has some extra room or elasticity, one might end up looking like a "fashion miss" instead of a "fashion hit". 






Need I say that it works the other way too. In that sometimes we run into fashionistas who wear "bags". You know? That one person who is a size 14 but insists on wearing size 41 (lol). 


Needless to say that both of the looks above are not very flattering of any figure, much more a voluptuously full figured trend setter like you. Instead of Dressing a size, just Dress your Body! not the one you wish you had, but the one you actually have. Here at we have all that you need to fall into style with the right dresses, tops, and accessories right by your side. 


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  • Posted by on October 15, 2014

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  • Posted by Ja Tawn on October 15, 2014

    Great message to all women. Look forward to seeing more great fashions. Please check out my blog Curvy Chick Confidential

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